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Find out about the latest news of the digital capital markets. Stay up-to-date with financial technological enhancements and outstanding benefits obtained through digital assets.

Blockchain Technology for Car Manufacturing

Learn how car manufacturing is using Blockchain as tool for automated driving, supply chain management and payment system.

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News and Next Steps on Ethereum Merge

Buterin states that if everything goes according to plan, the merge will take place in August 2022. Any potential delays could set back The Merge to September-October. The merge will be followed by the surge, the verge, the purge and the splurge.

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Learnings from One of the Biggest Hacks in Blockchain History

Learn about security with the one of the biggest hack in Blockchain history

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How can Blockchain reduce CO2 emissions in Hydrogen markets?

As the energy industry evolves to more sustainable systems such as green hydrogen, a critical challenge arises for the successful transition to a low-carbon economy: tracking CO2 emissions. In recent years, new decentralized platforms tracking CO2 emissions have increased, harnessing the low costs, tracking power, and transparency of blockchains.

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Crypto 2.0: Rollups

Differences between optimistic rollups and zero knowledge rollups and its main providers.

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The Benefits of Altair Update

The Altair Update changes some ground rules for validators making the consensus protocol more efficient and fair  

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The legal nature of carbon markets

Two issues impacting carbon markets: The legal nature of carbon credits and offsets and the technology that can avoid double counting and fraud in emission trading systems.

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NFTs for Unique Security Tokens

This article focuses on opportunities that have emerged from financial processes as collateral management. The analysis is divided into three different scenarios; collateral management, derivatives, and NFT’s and it highlights how, from different assets tokenization, collateral management can be enhanced. 

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London Fork: The New Ethereum Monetary System

Ethereum 2.0: the London Fork has established the mainnet new monetary policy. With EIP 1559 Ethereum change its transaction fee mechanism. We explain you what is this and how it benefits blockchain use cases and tokenization.

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Two Types of Asset Tokenization

The market is defining tokenization in a number of different, sometimes conflicting ways, and tokenized assets are often confused for native digital assets. Read the article to find the detailed description of both kinds of the asset tokenization.

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