Tokenization of Real Estate

A digital marketplace for real eastate investments and asset managers.


The challenge

Tokenization of Real Estate

  • No unnecessary fees: No agio fund management and broker fee (etc.).
  • Higher returns due to few intermediaries and lower direct costs.
  • Offering fractional ownership of single assets helps retail investors clearly understand what they are investing in and requires less costly disclosures.
  • Asset managers can diversify their funding opportunities to retail investment made digitally, secure and compliant. 
  • Our solution lowers the entry barriers by providing access to investors without geographic restrictions or the size of capital.

Tokenization is an innovative and efficient solution for the informational and structural challenges of Real Estate investments, leveraging Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies to issue tokens representing financial instruments and investment instruments for real estate.

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Efficient Governance & Lifecycle Management

Facilitating governance through automated updating of the ledger and management of the security tokens in high volume. micobo’s tokenization solution can be customizable to the specific needs of the company and the asset class. It can be as sophisticated as required, managing different regulatory jurisdictions and supporting all the lifecycle of the security tokens and the secondary trade hosted in the platform.

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Faster Transactions

Thanks to the compliant and standardized smart contracts, micobo's solution reduces external intermediaries by including them into the network or assuming their functions such as listings, document flow, and payments: with our solution one transaction can take less than 10 minutes.

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Bank-grade Security

Issue digital assets through a compliant and secure tokenization solution with fully digital subscription of security tokens by investors:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti Money Laundry (AML) Checks
  • Onboarding MiFIID II Questionnaire
  • Custody Integration
  • Multisig Wallet Integration

All-in Suite

A white-label solution that adapts to the market needs of every customer, with modular architecture to respond to specific business requirements.

  • Investor Onboarding
  • Token Administration
  • Corporate Actions
  • OTC Trading

We Deliver Digital Success

Real Estate is the world’s largest asset class and one of the more complex ones. Maximizing property transactions and expand investment access is a crucial milestone for the market. Optimize your offering and increase sales through the transformative impact of blockchain technology.

Download use case

Download use case

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