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Your Key to Digital Assets

micobo provides the infrastructure to create, issue, manage and trade digital assets on the blockchain.


Tokenize assets to create fungibility and increase liquidity. Easily manage your digital assets throughout their lifecycle, with our compliant end-to-end tokenization infrastructure. 


Tokenization Use Cases

Capital markets are transforming to embrace digital assets and distributed ledger technologies. Tokenization is the key to all this innovation. Explore different use cases, discovering all the benefits our enterprise tokenization solution can bring to your industry and business branch.  


Discover micobo’s end-to-end digital asset management platform to digitize financial products, assets, and transactions securely. We provide a new way of investor engagement and compliant digital investment offerings.  


Find how we have empowered different business branches through tokenization. 



Tokenization of Carbon Markets

Download the use case, to learn how thanks to micobo’s enterprise tokenization solution, previously opaque over-the-counter credit purchases are transformed into a new, fully liquid, and fungible token asset available for trade and consumption on a digital assets' marketplace.

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Tokenization of Real Estate

Tokenization offers liquidity and opens the real estate market by converting an illiquid asset into fungible digital tokens. Discover all the benefits that our clients in the real estate market have unlocked, and learn how micobo’s enterprise tokenization solution can empower your real estate business case.

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Tokenization in Sports

Explore new ways of fan engagement and interaction enabled by Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies. Discover new ways to efficiently unlock new capital and revenues through tokenization in professional sports.

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Tokenized Employee Stock Options Plan

We wanted to share our success with our team. Using our tokenization solution, we digitalized micobo’s company shares and turned our employees into shareholders. Entrepreneurs can benefit from a cost-efficient and easy-to-manage platform and launch their own digital Tokenized Stock Options Plan.

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The Digital Age of Capital Markets

With tokenized assets and financial products, you can gain access to a larger investor base, lower capital costs, and facilitate global transactions.

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micobo’s White-label SaaS solution enables highly customized digital assets' infrastructure that adapt to our customers’ market needs. We also offer seamless integration to existing platforms through APIs.

Compliant end-to-end tokenization infrastructure

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Fully regulated tokenization of assets

Digitalize assets using state-of-the-art blockchain technology through compliant security tokens, tailor-made to your market requirements. 


Enterprise White-Label SaaS: From investor onboarding to security token issuing and trading, we embedded regulatory requirements into our smart contracts to programmatically ensure legal compliance.


micobo is trusted and implemented by top financial institutions. We offer a strong network of support for digital assets financial projects.

As thought leaders in the realm of digital assets, we support our clients with a supportive network of leading advisors. With more than five years of experience, we have developed strong partnerships and have worked with industry leaders to deliver a holistic and advanced offering for our clients..

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