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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Aligning the inconsistencies between distinct ledgers in the companies is the core challenge of todays effort to streamline information technology.

Which Problem does “the blockchain” solve? First Double-spending. Encryption allows us to transfer digital assets securely without unauthorized duplications of a digital value. Second the “what I see is what you see” principle. In todays economy major efforts occur due to auditing of bookings and transactions over and over again. For instance the payment receipt is checked in accounting, controlling and treasury in each of the involved parties.

Furthermore we’ve to distinguish between Crypto Assets and DLT. Surely there is a convergence of the (public) crypto space and the permissioned ledger part.

The time of Production-grade applications has rised.

Tokenization (digital securitization) is the “killer-app” for DLT comparable to e-mail to the internet infrastructure which evolved during the last 30 years.


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