Regulatory developments

The rapid adoption of DLT-based solutions has lead to a wider institutional acknowledgment. Here you can find the latest and most relevant developments regulating the maturing digital assets industry.

The legal nature of carbon markets

Two issues impacting carbon markets: The legal nature of carbon credits and offsets and the technology that can avoid double counting and fraud in emission trading systems.

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NFTs for Unique Security Tokens

This article focuses on opportunities that have emerged from financial processes as collateral management. The analysis is divided into three different scenarios; collateral management, derivatives, and NFT’s and it highlights how, from different assets tokenization, collateral management can be enhanced. 

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The Legal Side of Crypto-Assets Custody

Crypto-asset custody is being acknowledged by lawmakers globally. Read the highlights of the recentlyly introduced custodial legislations in Germany, Greece, US, Japan, and Malaysia.

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Prospectus for Tokenized Assets

A summary of some of those jurisdictions that allow the issuance and trading of digital assets through tokenization, and the requirements for passing and publishing a prospectus.

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