Blockchain Insights

The way financial institutions exchange value and develop business infrastructure has been radically changed by blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. Here’s a closer look at how this emerging technology is transforming capital markets and the unique benefits for a wide range of market participants.

The legal nature of carbon markets

Two issues impacting carbon markets: The legal nature of carbon credits and offsets and the technology that can avoid double counting and fraud in emission trading systems.

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NFTs for Unique Security Tokens

This article focuses on opportunities that have emerged from financial processes as collateral management. The analysis is divided into three different scenarios; collateral management, derivatives, and NFT’s and it highlights how, from different assets tokenization, collateral management can be enhanced. 

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London Fork: The New Ethereum Monetary System

Ethereum 2.0: the London Fork has established the mainnet new monetary policy. With EIP 1559 Ethereum change its transaction fee mechanism. We explain you what is this and how it benefits blockchain use cases and tokenization.

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Digital Custody: Custodial & Non-custodial Crypto-wallets

Overview of the different types of crypto wallets in the market and the type of accounts inherent to the Ethereum blockchain network. A guide on how to find the best fitting wallet for businesses.

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On Ethereum Sustainability

Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin in data and logic processing and sustainability. Learn how the next Ethereum updates will impact on the environment.

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New on the chain: Ethereum 2.0

The new competitive advantages of the blockchain ecosystem for broader business models and institutions.

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Identity privacy protection: Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Distributed Ledger Technology & Blockchain

The disclosure of information being transacted using blockchain still represents a big hindrance for many business implementations.

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