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When it comes to research and development, we rely not only on our own specialist expertise but also on strong partners. Together with research institutions such as the University of Applied Sciences and Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, we are actively looking for innovative opportunities to further deepen the interaction between the financial sector and the technology sector within the framework of study-oriented projects.

In this context, we conduct joint usability studies in web design, app prototyping, and product research in the corresponding FinTech segments. In addition to existing research cooperations, this area also includes our specialist publications on selected FinTech topics as well as modular studies in the FinTech area.

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micobo is trusted and implemented by top financial institutions. We offer a strong network of support for digital assets financial projects.

As thought leaders in the realm of digital assets, we support our clients with a supportive network of leading advisors. With more than five years of experience, we have developed strong partnerships and have worked with industry leaders to deliver a holistic and advanced offering for our clients..

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