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Tokenization of Assets: micobo's Case Studies

Nowadays more than 60% of the world’s assets are still inaccessible via traditional market infrastructure (Bloomberg). The digital transformation is nevertheless a reality and particularly the tokenization of assets will assert as a novel financing instrument in the long term.

We understand the impact of DLT on today’s world and want to take advantage of the opportunities that it brings to create more secure and more efficient capital markets. We genuinely believe that the next generation of financial assets will be DLT /Blockchain-based. Thus, understanding the significant benefits of tokenization will be crucial to financial institutions as it will sustainably change the entire industry.

Promoting financial inclusion, we empower both traditional players including investment banks and financial advisors as well as newcomers with innovative technologies to adapt to the future of capital markets with the right tools.

We deliver. Digital. Excellence.


Explore our tokenized projects

Digital ESOP

Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plan

We developed a digital ESOP, that represent options on a company's equity through security tokens programmed with smart contracts and standards that observe European regulations. Just like with any other process of asset tokenization, we digitalized the stock options following the logic under the Terms & Conditions (T&C) agreed, creating a Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plan (TESOP).

This novel legal-technical structure is based on a technology that redefines the way ownership is share. Using DLT as the backbone of the scheme, the ledger that keeps track of the TESOP is constantly being verified by the distributed network of nodes, reconciliation all participants easily.

Through DLT, the whole process becomes more efficient and transparent, given that it can be scaled faster due to the information that is locked on the smart contracts.

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Proof of Sustainability on the blockchain

Blocksize Capital and micobo have entered a strategic partnership with Gevo Inc., a low-carbon fuel company focused on the development and commercialization of renewable alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Through a DLT-based sustainability proof that tracks the bio-fuel complete value chain, we enhanced transparency and higher-quality transaction/production details. With this solution we can sort out what is valuable in the end market, assigning the correct value to it, setting up market mechanisms to share value upstream according to sustainable attributes and Carbon Intensity (CI) Score.

This DLT-system collects the whole idea of the circular economy, starting from one of the most important and complex industries of agriculture, which attributes major values to the complete process, from field to gallon gas. Additionally, it opens the door to the possibility of tokenizing (and selling) Carbon Credits.

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Sustainability Proof Blockchain