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micobo releases v1.0 of the European Security Token (EST) platform.

Our European Security Token (EST) lets you enjoy all the benefits of a publicly tradable crypto asset while fulfilling all the regulatory requirements necessary to be traded as a real security.

Core features like automatic token deployment, manage whitelisting, minting and granular user rights are easy to implement.

Interested? Schedule a live demo through the contact form available under the following link:


EST Logo

Transfer Constrains

Tokens can only be transferred if
all the constraints are met.
These can be anything you want
from a whitelist to spending limits.

Burn / Reissue

Tokens can be burned and reissued
by the emitting party
in special cases like key loss.

EST Showcase

Updateable Smart Contracts

You can add new constraints and
change the contracts logic
even after they are deployed
giving you maximum flexibility!


You can pause and unpause the token
contract in case of emergency.
This will disable any transfers until the
contract is unpaused again.

European Security Token (EST) Demo Video

Watch the video