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Corda Enterprise Features

The initial release of Corda Enterprise is anticipated in end Q2 2018. Many of the capabilities below are not present in the initial release of Corda Enterprise. We have indicated below which capabilities will be in Corda Enterprise in its first release and which are anticipated in future releases. As we anticipate that Corda Enterprise will be sold on a subscription basis, customers will have full rights to ongoing updates and capabilities.

The initial scope for Corda Enterprise will differentiate it from Corda primarily in non-functional, mission-critical capabilities. This includes:

  • - Performance of a node
  • - High availability and disaster recovery
  • - Management and Monitoring
  • - Enterprise network configuration for firewall traversal
  • - Other improvements

Corda Enterprise development is led by real-world use cases that we believe are likely to go into production scenarios in the near to medium term timeframes vs. a pure technology pursuit. This, combined with our agile development process, means we are likely to have some uncertainty continually on the specific features that will be built out past the current iteration of the product that is in development. The main focus areas are shown in more detail in the comparison table. The tables below provide a component view of Corda as a point of reference when discussing capabilities. Note that these capabilities are R3’s best view of intended requirements we wish to meet in the product. It does not represent any commitment to actual delivery or a specific timeframe. We welcome feedback on this near-term roadmap and any requirements you may have.

Both versions have these following features

  • RPC (standard interface to CorDapps)
  • Deterministic Sandbox
  • Consensus: BFT & RAFT
  • System Management
  • Logging Tool Integration
  • Arbitrary Flows
  • Community Support
about Corda Enterprise

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About R3

R3 is an enterprise software firm working with a network of over 200 banks, financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies to develop Corda, its blockchain platform designed specifically for businesses. R3’s global team of over 160 professionals in nine countries is supported by over 2,000 technology, financial, and legal experts drawn from its global member base.

Learn more at r3.com

Additional features of Enterprise Corda

Capabilities Corda Enterprise (licensed version of Corda)
Maintenance hot patching & functional fixes
Doorman - CA isolated combability zone & mgnt. of business network overlays
Doorman - Governance Add business network operators BNOs
Node Management remote mgnt. of nodes by BNO
Dispute Resolution Flows set of options for mgmt a dispute in the execution of a complete contract
Flow Hospital view in-process flows that have errors by administrator
Role based Access Controls separation of concerns on how nodes are managed and operated
LDAP Integration internally used to support role-based access)
HW Security Module integration of HSM modules within node and doorman
HW Security Module integration of HSM modules within node and doorman
Intel SGX verification of transaction histories against fully encrypted data
Pluggable Crypto support of externally-developed cryptographic modules via API
High Availability HA architecture at node level (ensures 99.9% availability)
High Performance Multithreading of flow worker
Pluggable RDBMS certification of Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server & SQL Azure
Operation of Nodes behind corporate Firewall component to be deployed in DemilitarizedZone (DMZ) representing the node on internet
Operational GUI dedicated GUI for operations of single or multiple nodes as central point of control