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Gevo and micobo´s Partner, Blocksize Capital, are developing Blockchain Technology for tracking sustainability of renewable products

Blockchain for sustainability

Distributed Ledger Technology has a large potential, and we are breaking the grown into new industries.

Together with strong partners, we are dedicated to preparing the ground for the next generation of assets and infrastructure by transitioning from MVPs to fully productional Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) systems. We are proud to announce that Blocksize Capital GmbH (in cooperation with micobo GmbH) and Gevo, Inc. (US3743963072) have entered a contract for the development of a DLT-based supply chain solution.

This collaboration with l with Gevo, Inc., demonstrates the great capabilities of asset tokenization and how all types of industries can benefit from a more efficient and secured ledger.

In the first step, this will allow Gevo, Inc. to track the entire value chain of their product enabling a "sustainability assurance" and then in the second step will provide the fundament for tokenizing specific sustainability attributes such as sustainability reward points, carbon credits, etc.

“According to the Stanford Study ‘BLOCKCHAIN FOR SOCIAL IMPACT 2019’ Agriculture is one of the essential areas of impact with several use cases for DLT-based applications. This is because DLT offers plenty of opportunities to track sustainability attributes across the value chain in a more efficient manner since it has the potential to avoid any “playing of games” related to the key metrics. Making the first step towards building an ecosystem based on DLT for these business systems, opens the door to tokenize the attributes and make them accessible to a broader audience. Very low carbon or net zero-emission renewable fuels are a good place to start the development of these types of software and tools. There is a new financial market developing, and Blocksize Capital, in coordination with micobo as the services provider for the tokenization, is leading the industry in the construction of a liquid and transparent digital assets´ market with a broader investment base. Hence, the potential of the application beyond Gevo’s business system is enormous. We are beyond excited to be the trusted partner to lead the path and open new opportunities for these businesses, along with such a forward-thinking organization as Gevo” stated, Christoph Impekoven, Founder & Managing Director of Blocksize Capital GmbH and micobo GmbH.

It is extremely exciting to be part of these types of projects, embracing the new technologies to boost growth. We are sure this will revolutionize the way we track sustainability and renewable products.

Thanks to our DLT white label solutions, we provide financial technologies to our partner Blocksize Capital GmbH, opening the possibilities to different manners of asset´s tokenization.

Together, we cover the whole digital assets' value chain with a broad offer of professional services and DLT-solutions.

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